Being Erica


If you’re a girl and like your comedy / dramas with a bit of time travel, then E4 at 10pm tonight is the place to be as Canada’s ‘Being Erica’ hits our shores. I was lucky enough to catch the first series last year in Canada and while I’m surprised it’s been picked up over here (hell, if Privileged can be…), it’s well worth your time.

Erin Kapluk plays the brilliantly named Erica Strange, a down in the dumps late 20 something with no direction and no hope for where her life is going. Then the mysterious Doctor Tom enters her life and gives her the opportunity to go back into her history and change key decisions she now regrets. Cue bad outfits, 90s hair, and ‘hilarious consequences’. Even if the plot is a bit clunky, Erin is so much fun to watch that you’ll easily find yourself rooting for her. She both looks and has the comedy acting of Jennifer Aniston and I’ve often caught myself thinking it is in fact ‘tragic Jen’, plus there’s Wonderfalls’ very swoonable Tyson Leitso as eye candy. Series 2 has just started in Canada taking a darker twist, so it’s well worth checking out, particularly as you can enjoy a double bill tonight. In reality I think about 9 people will watch it, but hey, cult hit. Come on you 9!

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