Boy Crisis


Although they were knocking about in the UK a couple of months ago it seems, I’ve just got round to listening to self declared ‘Brooklyn Buzz Band’ Boy Crisis. Signed to B-Unique, they are Tal, Alex, Victor, Lee and Owen and if you love your synth pop could quite happily become your new favourite band.

Lots of people are comparing them to MGMT because they’ve come out of the same world, attending the same college and even being mainly introduced to each other by them. From the songs I’ve heard, I think there’s a bit less messing about. Brilliant disco track “Dressed To Digress” packs together funk, pop and a breathless dirty vocal that draws images of a packed, sleazy nightclub or at least a soundtrack during a particularly sexy scene on Gossip Girl with the ‘tiger looking for the tigress.’ One for the Popstarz bag.

New single, ‘The Fountain of Youth’ (video above), comes out on Monday here in the UK just preceding their debut album ” ” (formerly called Tulipomania). It’s a big bag of joy that opens with electronic flutes that’ll put you in mind of Daft Punk’s ‘Veridis Quo’, before a guitar snarl gives way to a seductive 80s beat. The video is ridiculously over the top and campy, with a very strange hot dog moment and a glorious boy band dance routine from the band clad in white tunic tops and tight gold leggings. This is a band who are enjoy dressing up and creating something a bit silly. Hurrah for that.

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