Being Erica


If you’re a girl and like your comedy / dramas with a bit of time travel, then E4 at 10pm tonight is the place to be as Canada’s ‘Being Erica’ hits our shores. I was lucky enough to catch the first series last year in Canada and while I’m surprised it’s been picked up over here (hell, if Privileged can be…), it’s well worth your time.

Erin Kapluk plays the brilliantly named Erica Strange, a down in the dumps late 20 something with no direction and no hope for where her life is going. Then the mysterious Doctor Tom enters her life and gives her the opportunity to go back into her history and change key decisions she now regrets. Cue bad outfits, 90s hair, and ‘hilarious consequences’. Even if the plot is a bit clunky, Erin is so much fun to watch that you’ll easily find yourself rooting for her. She both looks and has the comedy acting of Jennifer Aniston and I’ve often caught myself thinking it is in fact ‘tragic Jen’, plus there’s Wonderfalls’ very swoonable Tyson Leitso as eye candy. Series 2 has just started in Canada taking a darker twist, so it’s well worth checking out, particularly as you can enjoy a double bill tonight. In reality I think about 9 people will watch it, but hey, cult hit. Come on you 9!

Boy Crisis


Although they were knocking about in the UK a couple of months ago it seems, I’ve just got round to listening to self declared ‘Brooklyn Buzz Band’ Boy Crisis. Signed to B-Unique, they are Tal, Alex, Victor, Lee and Owen and if you love your synth pop could quite happily become your new favourite band.

Lots of people are comparing them to MGMT because they’ve come out of the same world, attending the same college and even being mainly introduced to each other by them. From the songs I’ve heard, I think there’s a bit less messing about. Brilliant disco track “Dressed To Digress” packs together funk, pop and a breathless dirty vocal that draws images of a packed, sleazy nightclub or at least a soundtrack during a particularly sexy scene on Gossip Girl with the ‘tiger looking for the tigress.’ One for the Popstarz bag.

New single, ‘The Fountain of Youth’ (video above), comes out on Monday here in the UK just preceding their debut album ” ” (formerly called Tulipomania). It’s a big bag of joy that opens with electronic flutes that’ll put you in mind of Daft Punk’s ‘Veridis Quo’, before a guitar snarl gives way to a seductive 80s beat. The video is ridiculously over the top and campy, with a very strange hot dog moment and a glorious boy band dance routine from the band clad in white tunic tops and tight gold leggings. This is a band who are enjoy dressing up and creating something a bit silly. Hurrah for that.

Daft Punk Hero

Despite having turned them musically into 2 Many DJs, how ace is this?


Gives me another chance to plug my documentary about Daft Punk if you’ve not already heard it – it’s here (will trade on this forever)

Introducing Dollface


This is Yulanda Lindsay aka Dollface aka today’s obsession. First springing into the lives of pop bloggers via her part in ‘girl group in development’ The Silhouettes, the band have recently split leaving Dollface to set up her own label and go solo.

An alumni of the Brit School, she’s moved away from The Silhouettes retro sound and moved towards electro-pop with demo standout ‘Miss Jamaica’ pulling together elements of Red One’s production and her own fiesty throwdowns. Couple that with elements of Calvin Harris in the blissfully repetitive but undeniably soulful girl put downs of ‘Who’s Laughing Now’ and we have ourselves a brand new popstar if these demos are anything to go by. Citing Grace Jones, Bowie, Rihanna and Daft Punk as references, this is a lady to keep our eyes on in 2010.

Have a listen over on her myspace.

Chelley – Took The Night


I’ve not DJ-ed much at Miss-Shapes recently but if I had then Chelley’s ‘Take The Night’ would be totally filling the dancefloor. I don’t really know its story other than it came out in Spring in America on Ultra Records and has recently been remixed with a verse from Mims. I’ve no idea if it’s coming out in the UK properly but 1xtra have been playing it every so often.

Chelley is a 21 year old singer from Brooklyn who put together the song with Ricky Blaze. Fiesty and utterly unforgiving, it reminds me a lot of Avenue D’s Do I Look Like A Slut. The other couple of tracks on her myspace don’t sound that interesting but this song should be legendary.