We Have Band

For the last couple of years I’ve been going to an event called Bug at London’s National Film Theatre, or to give it it’s new pointless name the BFI Southbank. Hosted by Adam Buxton, with whom I have since fallen in love, it’s a look through the latest exciting music videos with some youtube banter in between. It’s great, but the selection is always quite swayed to the trendy rather than anything very popular.

One of the videos last time round was for the suitably trendy We Have Band. Their single ‘We Came Out’ features the delightfully silly/scabby lyric ‘We went out, and we got wasted! You went home and turkey basted!” sung over and over again by the yelping Dede. Colin covered them in Attitude a few months ago and we caught them live at Latitude (best festival ever) a few weeks ago. They are right on the edge of being fun DIY and so trendy they infuriate. On the whole though, their basslines are quirky and bouncy and the repetition of lyrics mean you can start singing along within about 20s of each track. Why oh why they decided to cover Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’ then is beyond me. Not only is it almost a straight cover but they’ve removed all the quirks and really zapped the energy levels.

Anyway here is the video for ‘We Went Out’:


The video involved the band lying still for two days in a studio while 4,816 separate stills were taken to create the face-painting effect – you can see all the individual pictures over on flickr.

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