New Teddybears!


A few years ago a Swedish band called Teddybears released an album called ‘Soft Machine’ which absolutely won my heart. I think I first came across them Annie did guest vocals on their song ‘Yours To Keep.’ There was some very complex online discussion about this particular song over whose version was the best at Paolo & Neneh Cherry both had their own. Then along came Robyn’s album and ‘Cobrastyle’ – a song which turned out to be theirs from several years ago. Klas Ã…hlund might be a name you’re familiar with because he produced Robyn’s album, wrote ‘Piece of Me’ for Britney, ‘Speakerphone’ for Kylie and was in The Caesars. In Sweden, he’s best known for being a Teddybear.

Anyway all this led me to finally pick up a copy of Teddybears’ first international album when I was in Montreal in 2007. It’s their 5th album overall and pulls together lots of songs from the past onto one big American edition. Punk Rocker with Iggy Pop on vocals and the original ‘Cobrastyle’ fast became part of my DJ sets and the whole album soundtracked a hell of a lot of journeys. In fact it’s only fault is that Elephant Man is the vocalist on the awesomely fun ‘Are You Feeling It’.

Anyway this whole babble is to introduce the fact that Teddybears are back! Hooray! They’ve just released a free download of ‘Get Mama A House’, a song that started life as a advertising jingle. Hopefully this means a new album soon. Grab it here.

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