Hockey – Song Away

Where Too Fake was quite an exciting debut single, the next single from Hockey is total run of the mill, could be Razorlight, could be Jet, 80s influenced indie. I just can’t get enough of it though. There’s something about ‘Song Away’ that fills me with utter bliss and the newly released video has made me feel even more so. It’s like Michael Cera trying to romance Ugly Betty. I love the notion that ‘tomorrow is just a song away’ and am trying to hammer the face off this at Popstarz. It went straight on the Radio 2 A list as their song of the week, although is R1 is yet to pick it up. Love, love, love.


Jay Sean Rules America

When I was working on hit40uk, Jay Sean was one of the artists who always had a particularly noticeable fan base whenever we mentioned him on air. However, despite a #5 album and tune after quality tune, he never quite broke through to a mainstream audience as much as he should have done. If anything, he certainly paved the way for Taio Cruz.

Today I’m just looking through the Billboard chart and who should pop up but Jay, at a rather staggering #7 on the Hot 100. I remember at the MOBOs a couple of years ago he was excitedly running about having signed to Cash Money and I guess this is the outcome. It’s his first UK single and labelmate Lil’ Wayne is on board adding a bit of gravitas to the urban synths. Save for the opening chords of ‘Tonight’ though, it’s missing Sean’s trademark Asian hints. I’m very excited for him though, it’s awesome and just a shame we didn’t support our homegrown talent a little bit more. Maybe he’ll blow up once he heads back here next year.


The Big Pink

First came The Klaxons, then Friendly Fires, and now The Big Pink. Well actually, according to other more knowledgeable people, first came Spiritualized, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus & Mary Chain and Happy Mondays, but I know bugger all about those bands.

They went unnoticed by me earlier in the year despite appearing on the BBC Sound of 2009 poll but it’s probably only now that they’re about to break through into popular consciousness. ‘Too Young To Love’ showcased their dreamy side, particularly on The Living Eye remix while ‘Stop The World’ was a big old fashioned indie song that’s made just that bit more special with fuzzy electronics swooshing all over the bass. Now ‘Dominos’ is the track to break them, preceding their brilliantly named debut album ‘A Brief History Of Love’. It’s packed full of feedback and distortion but also a brilliant pop hook. Plus hot female drummers always earn a couple more points. You can download the track for free (FREE!) at their official site.


We Have Band

For the last couple of years I’ve been going to an event called Bug at London’s National Film Theatre, or to give it it’s new pointless name the BFI Southbank. Hosted by Adam Buxton, with whom I have since fallen in love, it’s a look through the latest exciting music videos with some youtube banter in between. It’s great, but the selection is always quite swayed to the trendy rather than anything very popular.

One of the videos last time round was for the suitably trendy We Have Band. Their single ‘We Came Out’ features the delightfully silly/scabby lyric ‘We went out, and we got wasted! You went home and turkey basted!” sung over and over again by the yelping Dede. Colin covered them in Attitude a few months ago and we caught them live at Latitude (best festival ever) a few weeks ago. They are right on the edge of being fun DIY and so trendy they infuriate. On the whole though, their basslines are quirky and bouncy and the repetition of lyrics mean you can start singing along within about 20s of each track. Why oh why they decided to cover Pet Shop Boys’ ‘West End Girls’ then is beyond me. Not only is it almost a straight cover but they’ve removed all the quirks and really zapped the energy levels.

Anyway here is the video for ‘We Went Out’:


The video involved the band lying still for two days in a studio while 4,816 separate stills were taken to create the face-painting effect – you can see all the individual pictures over on flickr.

Annie – Don’t Stop

Courtesy of Popjustice here’s the new gorgeous sleeve for the finally going to come out 2nd Annie album.

Annie Don't Stop

If you like Annie, the greatest piece of advice I can give you is to never, ever see her live. No matter how tempting it might seem – it will ruin everything.

Mr Abdul

Seriously, what’s going on? After Mr Kadim comes Mr Abdul. Is this some strange kind of Stokey scam?



I am a Marabout with 37 years experience, born with this knowledge from God.
you suffering from problems that seem abnomal? Does everything in your life
always seem to go wrong? If so don’t hesitate to call Mr. Abdul I will destroy all
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I will reunited you with lived ones and create fidelity, cure sexual problems &
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Pay after positive results

An Education

I’m a bit rubbish at seeing films. I always think ‘oooh, I’ll see that’ but more often than not come up with something more fun (i.e. sitting at home on the internet) to do than go to the cinema. Anyway the last film I got giddy about seeing was Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day with the gorgeous Amy Adams and knee trembling Lee Pace. Swoon your way through tearjerker ‘If I Didn’t Care. Ned! Pies!

Now only a year later, there’s another film I’m quite into seeing. Well done me. I obviously have something for posh accents and London in bygone ages, as this time it’s ‘An Education’.


The story is based around a relationship British journalist Lynn Barber had as a teenager with an older man. It’s detailed in her new memoirs of the same name, but only takes up one chapter of the fascinating book. I had to read it very quickly last week at work to prepare an interview for her (an interview for the queen of interviewing!) and can hugely recommend as both an insight into the world of journalism and the very real tale of a girl growing up. The trailer seems to romanticise the relationship much more than the book does, but perhaps that’s a trailer impression.

There are also two proper SCREAM (if you’re a geek) castings in that trailer. I stared at Jenny (Lynn) for a while before realising she was modern day Doctor Who idol Sally Sparrow from ‘Blink’. And who is that familiar voice saying ‘Go to Oxford, no matter what – you’ll break my heart’? It’s a far from glamorous looking Adelle from Dollhouse. Plus how gorgeous does Beth Rowley look?

‘An Education’ is out in October. Make way for me, Mr Cinema

New Teddybears!


A few years ago a Swedish band called Teddybears released an album called ‘Soft Machine’ which absolutely won my heart. I think I first came across them Annie did guest vocals on their song ‘Yours To Keep.’ There was some very complex online discussion about this particular song over whose version was the best at Paolo & Neneh Cherry both had their own. Then along came Robyn’s album and ‘Cobrastyle’ – a song which turned out to be theirs from several years ago. Klas Ã…hlund might be a name you’re familiar with because he produced Robyn’s album, wrote ‘Piece of Me’ for Britney, ‘Speakerphone’ for Kylie and was in The Caesars. In Sweden, he’s best known for being a Teddybear.

Anyway all this led me to finally pick up a copy of Teddybears’ first international album when I was in Montreal in 2007. It’s their 5th album overall and pulls together lots of songs from the past onto one big American edition. Punk Rocker with Iggy Pop on vocals and the original ‘Cobrastyle’ fast became part of my DJ sets and the whole album soundtracked a hell of a lot of journeys. In fact it’s only fault is that Elephant Man is the vocalist on the awesomely fun ‘Are You Feeling It’.

Anyway this whole babble is to introduce the fact that Teddybears are back! Hooray! They’ve just released a free download of ‘Get Mama A House’, a song that started life as a advertising jingle. Hopefully this means a new album soon. Grab it here.