Are You Bewitched?

Perhaps the windscreens of ‘trendy Stoke Newington’ is not the place to leave this. I am sure all the yummy mummies already have chart readers, life coaches and the like. In any case there are some bold claims in this brilliant advert. Copied as is:

MR KADIM – CLAIRVOYANT – easy terms (what??)

Mr Kadim is the solution for your problem solving, by serious and secrecy work. Quick and honest, I succeed where all others have failed. You will succeed your marriage, you will have a passionate love story, and did you split? You lover will come back to you. Do you want to fall in love? Do you want somebody to fall in love with you? I can do it. I will protect your job; bring back luck into your life; you will succeed your exams and tests. Are you bewitched, I will relieve you. My supernatural powers will solve your problems even from distance by telepathy and extrasensory perception. From clairvoyants’ line of descent, my work is serious and you will notice the results after a week. Speaks French & English

Anyone want his number?

2 thoughts on “Are You Bewitched?

  1. well i was dubious until i got to the end and read that he speaks both French AND English. How could i say no after that. Je n’parle pas fran├žais alors laisse la funky musique faire parler nos corps d’accord. Etc.

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