In No Particular Order : John Legend – Ordinary People

In the world of a nice, normal person – the question ‘What’s your favourite song?’ is probably an easy one to answer. It’s ‘Viva La Vida’ or ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’; ‘Whole Again’ or ‘Patience’. In my world, the question is an absolute nightmare. I go from having a new favourite song that lasts for about 12 minutes before I find something else I love even more. It could be old, new, anything – if it works then little else will make me as happy as a new favourite song. Anyway that’s a bit of an incomprehensible little rant but the point is that I’m going to start every so often declaring a few of my favourite songs. Not only will this help me keep track of the music I claim to be obsessed with, but it might also mean the blog doesn’t go left for weeks at a time. If I’m organised enough I might have a theme, but most of the time I think I’ll just be banging out an amount of songs I love with no link, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do now. Let’s make it clear from the start though – these are in absolutely no particular order (although actually this one is possibly my favourite ever. Errrr).

John Legend – Ordinary People


Forget about the cheesed up radio edit, the album version of Ordinary People gets me every time. John Legend’s voice sounds so warm and rich over simple, yet gorgeous piano. I’d love to have a romantic story to tell along this, but instead it will always remind me of working on Spoony’s Weekend Breakfast show. We used to sneak it in as often as we could and just sit slightly asleep sipping on Starbucks Hot Chocolate going all dreamy to this song. Without wanting to start going off into some kind of therapy session – I’ve, as yet, never been in love.(Wah! My world is empty! Boo hoo! etc). But I love the throwing away of the ideal of ‘fairy tale conclusions’ and treating love as something that does just happen between regular people and that it’ll face traumas and tribulations but will survive. One day when I finally bump into Robbie, I will be able to explore this.

I finally got to hear John performing this live last year at West London’s brilliant Porchester Hall, and despite him sweating his way through an entire shirt, it was as goosebumpy as it is on record. It’s so good it almost makes me feel a bit sick. Put that on your next press release.

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