Negotiate with Glove


I’ve had a few ‘run-ins’ with Rachel Stevens. The first was when I was doing work experience at a radio company in 2003. She was doing a series of ISDN (high tech interviews) with radio stations around the country from a base in London. I looked after the desk and at one point had to run out to get her a takeaway chicken salad from Pizza Express. Next, I worked at a music promotions company who were doing the digital PR for ‘Come and Get It’. She came into the building to do interviews and signed me a couple of bits in including the above and a promo of the album which was sent out in a proper case and everything but with a black & pink sleeve. Finally, I reviewed her album for the BBC convincing them to make it album of the week across the BBC reviews system which made me very happy! It’s quite interesting to look back at writing from 4 years ago, which seems quite a bit more stilted than it is these days.

Anyway here’s the brilliant ‘Negotiate With Love’ that still sounds as bang on today as it did back then. It still irritiates me slightly that the lyric is ‘Whatever happened to me?’ rather than the much more heart tugging ‘Whatever happened to we?’.


Kudos to the brilliant XO London and MuuMuse for putting one of my favourite albums back in mind and Adem with an E for writing about it.

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  1. Talia, see what you can do to get this woman back in the biz. Team up with Peter Robinson and reignite her! Simple as that…

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