Morecambe – Lancashire’s rock hotspot

Winner of week’s strangest press release goes to Juliette Lewis who has somehow been roped into performing as part of the Get Loud in Libraries campaign. Last time this happened I think it was Mr Hudson involved pre autotune days when he was called … & The Library. That kind of made sense. This time, they are sending Juliette to Morecambe Library.

For those non Lancashire people amongst you, I am not exaggerating when I say Morecambe is the bleakest place I’ve ever been. I quite like bleak places, I’m from Blackpool after all – but Morecambe takes it to a whole other level. There is no one there, everything is shut down and the only thing to do is stand next to a statue of Eric (not actually from) Morecambe.

I took my housemate as part of a Lancashire road trip last January. Here’s what it looks like – click the pics to go large for full depression. Picture 3 nearly made me cry.

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