VV Pumpkin

I’ve not really written much about faltering pop starlet VV Brown over here. I think I took against her from the start because she showed up 45 minutes late to an interview with my friend and didn’t apologise. I showed up 55 minutes late (UNINTENTIONALLY) for an interview with the bloody amazing Raygun a few weeks ago so I now feel less angry towards her. I like her hair, I think she’s gorgeous, I feel like she might chuck herself off a building though at any moment sometimes when reading her twitter which is a bit worrying, and I adore playing ‘Crying Blood’ each week at Popstarz. It’s a proper classic pop song that should have been a brilliant one hit wonder if nothing else. As oppose to most of the pop blogosphere I think ‘Shark in the Water’ is an nice, adequate song but hardly something to be screaming about.

Now I’m highly unlikely to start banging off promo blogs for commercial things, but as part of a perhaps blooming fashion career, VV has designed some ponchos for Orange for use at Glastonbury. The photos are amazing, mainly because she looks like a pumpkin. This is all I need to be amused. Actual proper info over here.

5 thoughts on “VV Pumpkin

  1. She’s a good artist but not a great one, IMO. I feel the same about Noisettes and a few other acts, where I just don’t get a sense of specialness. I love her hair and look too. She is super cute.

  2. You’re spot on about “Crying Blood”, I absolutely adore that song and think it should have been number one for months.

    I want that poncho, v cute.

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