Singing For My Supper

Over the last 10 weeks i’ve been indulging in a bit of singing lesson action. I like Singstar a bit too much so James sent me on a group course at City Academy. It’s been quite fun, but our teacher has put together a really anti Talia set of songs. So he’s been making us sing Angels, Mr Brightside, Wonderwall, Blame It On the Boogie, Faith etc. Maybe it’s just because I am extremely overexposed to these songs but I was hoping for a bit of a mixture with some standards, bit of musical theatre etc rather than full on rock/pop else I would have picked the rock / pop course!

Also we have to sing over the CDs rather than with sheet music which is driving me slightly mental. This is probably bang on what the casual ‘beginner’ student wants for an after work course, but I think it’s rubbish because you can’t see how long the notes or meant to be or yadda yadda yadda. I probably need to find a little old lady with a piano.

Anyway the final two lessons have us doing our own choice of song. I only remembered this 20 minutes before the lesson started so went with Another Suitcase In Another Hall as I know all the words (obsessive listening in 1996) and No Doubt Don’t Speak which I’ve always wanted to sing but decided in the car was way too hard. Next week I can do Another Suitcase again but wondered if anyone had any suggestions for something more exciting?

I am secretly hoping someone goes mental and shows up with ‘Vision of Love’

4 thoughts on “Singing For My Supper

  1. bwahahahaha love that last line!! I’d go for something classic like Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow or something totally kooky like the jazzy version of Better The Devil You Know that Kylie did with Adam Garcia a number of years ago. Or totally bonkers Vision of Love type choice – Defying Gravity from Wicked 😛 OR!!!!! You Can’t Stop The Beat (or you can’t stop to breathe as i call it) from Hairspray. Will showcase your no doubt wicked breath control skills 🙂

  2. I remember for my high school music exam, I sang Madonna’s “Till Death Do Us Part” for my ‘prac’ piece. So I love that you did “Another Suitcase…”

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