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In an attempt to infiltrate every single bit of pop music out there, I am now adding the title of digital plugger to my wares. Together with my friend Jude, with whom I worked at digital agency Outside Line many moons ago touting McFly and the forgotten brilliance of the Love Bites (best launch party ever), I have set up XOXO promotions. Yes I am a mega gossip girl fan but I think the name also helps pass forward the idea that we love pop music and we want others too also. In any case, we better be considered for Leighton Meester’s forthcoming campaign. (n.b. our website is currently a holding page till it goes all fun & poppy!)

Setting up the company, Jude and I were keen, maybe in a fresh faced naive way, to only work on acts we actually love. I don’t want to run round telling people something is amazing when it’s blatantely not. I want to just carry on shouting about an amazing piece of pop I would do of my own accord. So to start us off in a brilliant way is new Jive signing Daisy Dares You. Daisy is scarily 15 and although I’ve not met her yet, I think I might feel like a bit of a granny with the mighty 12 years I have on her. She’s from Essex and makes fun, bouncy, DIY sounding pop music. Everything is in very early demo stages at the moment, I don’t even have snazzy photos to throw at people, but I’m very exciting to hear what she comes up with and be there from the start.

You can hear 4 demos on her myspace page – ‘No 1 Enemy’ is the one that first drew me in with it’s unexpected cameo from J2K. ‘Talk About The Weather’ is perfectly fitting her age as she tells the tale of meeting a boy she fancies over an increasingly manic piano riff, while ‘Next Few Minutes’ takes a darker approached juxtaposing cute sounding vocals with a menacing ‘tick tock’. Basically it is gagging for a Doctor / Rose bit of epic, heartbreak filled unofficial youtube action. Can someone make it happen?

Anyway to wet your appetite, here is a self titled track ‘Daisy Dares You’. It’s fun, it’s bouncy and the more I listen to it, the more I jump around the kitchen while cooking.

Download Daisy Dares You – Daisy Dares You [MP3]

4 thoughts on “Daisy Dares Your Face Off

  1. did you see peter robinson’s feature in observer music monthly this month? He picked out some of the upcoming pop girls including Daisy Dares You. She certainly sounds promising 🙂

  2. hey, thanks for the comment!
    if you could email me some music of hers that’d be fab, it’s proving difficult to get hold of… cannot believe she’s only 15! x

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