Le Kid – Mercy Mercy


My google reader is so full up of blogs I want to read but I’ve been trying to move over to another RSS system so I make a conscious effort as I’m missing out on lots of amazing pop.

Le Kid is one such gem. Introduced by Don’t Stop The Pop, it’s one of those songs that your mates who used to go to Tenerife in the summer holidays would come back singing, and then it would go on to be a catchy UK chart botherer until gloomy November.

It’s very upbeat and pop and has elements of Can’t Speak French, Mambo No 5 and another song I can’t quit place. It’s the chorus though – can you get it? It’s written by some massive Swedish pop gurus and the video contains some fabulous ‘dry’ synchronized swimming. As Popjustice put it, it’s what would happen ‘If Alphabeat weren’t quite so obsessed with Shoreditch…’

‘Telephone’ over on their myspace is even better.

3 thoughts on “Le Kid – Mercy Mercy

  1. What RSS will you use instead?

    I think the bit you can’t place is “I’d do anything, do anything” in the chorus. That rings familiar with me, but I can’t place.

  2. it’s rather good isn’t it? Hope you found a copy to play when you were dj-ing! Oh and even though Popjustice hates them, I do quite like Kid British. They are sort of S Club meets The Streets 😛 So many kids!

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