If He Were A Boy

Last night I went to see Beyonce live. I like Beyonce. I’m not mental on her, but I knew she’d be able to pull off a pretty good show.

OH MY GOD. I am not exaggerating when I say I might as well never go to a gig again. NOTHING is likely to beat last night. 35 songs, about 10 costume changes, flying, mad amazing dancing, an all female band, extravagant video bits. My favourite gig ever was Robbie at Knebworth but save the size of the queue to get out of the car park, it was nothing on Beyonce. And then there was this:


When I was about 17/18 I was a massive George Michael fan. My best friend Joanne and I used to listen to Ladies and Gentlemen NON STOP at sixth form despite not actually knowing most of it when it came out. It soundtracked us learning to drive, doing our A Levels, everything. I saw him live a couple of years ago at the LIVE 25 tour but from right at the back of Wembley. This time we were realy close to the stage and it was the best surprise ever. Just before launching into ‘If I Were A Boy’, Beyonce did a little bit of the beautiful ‘One More Try’ which seemed really random and then a costume change later there he was. I seriously just stood open mouthed screaming for the entire song. Beyonce’s almost ‘Outside’ outfit was perfect, the video screens made them look like they were in a properly 80s video and this should so be re-released as a duet.


4 thoughts on “If He Were A Boy

  1. I think you went to Beyonce the night i went to take that, which was also utterly amazing. Incredibly theatrical performance, though probably not as much booty dancing 🙁 Damn you Gary!!! Sounds like an amazing concert though 🙂 Loving your twitters btw

  2. I am going to convert this video and put it on my iPhone to watch when I am feeling down. This is really great.

    I really want to go see her when she’s in Melbourne too, even though, like you, I’m not mad on her; just because I KNOW she’ll put on a good show. Over $200 AUD though…

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