Beware the 456


A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited to the screening of the first episode of the next Torchwood series. Entitled ‘Children of Earth’ it’s a mini series that will be shown on BBC One at some undisclosed point this summer. As a massive fan of the modern day Whoniverse, it was exciting enough to see the show, never mind sit next to RTD in the orange juice and pastry lobby. I knew I was going to be interviewing lovely Welshman Gareth David Lloyd who plays Ianto the next day, but to make things even better we were taken into another room after the screening for roundtable sessions with John Barrowman, Gareth, Eve Myles and RTD himself. On a table with experience telly journalists all fighting to get their questions in it was quite an experience. Also watching a show with the cast and crew is a strange experience because they find random bits HILARIOUS.

My Torchwood piece (incidentally my first ever print TV article – exciting) will be on the shelves in Attitude out next week but here are some sneaky cuts that didn’t make it into the finished edition

* ‘I love his tongue in my mouth.’

* ‘He’s been my long time lover for years, that’s why we’ve given him more lines.’

* ‘I have to walk through the Tardis…’

* ‘It’s in John’s contract that we all look at him with doe-y eyes’

* ‘That person up there on the screen has changed my life.’

* ‘There are a couple more snogging scenes, but most of our time is spent saving the world’

7 thoughts on “Beware the 456

  1. Hmm I want to guess who said what in respect to those quotes.

    I guess – John Barrowman for the first one, RTD for the second, Eve for the fourth and I reckon the last one might be Gareth. No bloody idea about the others though.

  2. Lucky you! For the sneaky cuts…Let’s see…I’ll guess Gareth, RTD, John, Eve, John, John?

    BTW…Just read the full article and it’s absolutely brilliant. So much great info we hadn’t heard before.

  3. Congratulation on your first TV article published it was very good reading. Funny and informative.

    Will you tell us who said what ?

  4. Thanks for your nice words! It was a very exciting article to do as am actually a mega fan.


    1. John on Gareth
    2. RTD on Kai (sorry missed him off in blog)
    3. Gareth
    4. Kai I think
    5. John
    6. Gareth.

    Woo woo.

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