pixie lott

Earlier today I went to see gorgeous new popstar Pixie Lott play four songs in a studio in North West London to a bunch of journalists. Events like this are always (I assume!) intimidating to the popstar because industry people NEVER SHUT UP at gigs, particularly when listening to something they don’t know. The only time I’ve seen that happen was when a vaguely journo heavy crowd watched the Scissor Sisters debut ‘I Don’t Feel Like Dancing’ at Popstarz. Normally the popstar is on a brightly lit stage and the industry peeps stand at the back mumbling. This time we were all sat in a bright daylight lit room, perfect silence watching, even whooping Pixie on. Intense, intense, intense and probably the reason her eyes were fixed firmly above us all.

While her old artwork was girly and young, Pixie’s suddenly been transformed into a gorgeous, long legged, sleek haired beauty. Somehow the video for debut single ‘Mama Do’ doesn’t really do her justice, although the song is a brilliant updating of a song you might expect the girls in jail in Chicago to sing. The highlight though of today’s show was soulful ballad ‘Cry Me Out’. Live she just nailed it, packed full of emotion, both her and the audience were nearly in tears at the end. Jennifer Hudson eat your heart out.


(I find myself troubled writing about someone born in 1991.)

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