Important Record Label Meeting Minutes


Xena: I’ve totted up the accounts and the last Feeling album made us … £12.

Lex: WHAT? But it was amazing.

X: I know, but some fool decided to take the advice of a radio DJ and release ‘Without You’ as the 2nd single. Everything went wrong from there.

L: I suppose Dan’s Hitler moustache didn’t help either. What do we do?

X: Well, I’ve had an important pop scientist working in the lab. He’s created two decent looking chaps. The girls will like them, and Mika’s given them some special glitzy classes. We’ve given them The Feeling imprint and but swapped 5% of it to Same Difference’s. It’s even made one of them look a bit like the smiley boy.

L: Sounds good Xena. Are they ready to face the public?

X: Well we’ve got this song. It’s called ’15 Minutes’ and it’s all about those sneaky 15 mins of fame. The journalists are going to love the hilarity of it all. I’ll be honest, the chorus isn’t great, but the verse is so good no one will notice. I call them The Yeah You’s.

L: A plan my dear. Let’s give them a shiny video that TV will love. It’ll distract from the chorus.


Song: 2/5
Video : 4/5


One thought on “Important Record Label Meeting Minutes

  1. Xena: But what about the actual Feeling, Lex?

    Lex: Clear. Give them a million more pounds to self-produce another ELO ripoff at that Jane Whatsername rental castle. It’s win win!

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