In dance music, female vocalists rarely get name-checked, never mind seen in a scantily clad video. We’ve been dancing to songs like Michael Gray’s ‘The Weekend’ and Alex Gaudino’s ‘Watch Out’ for years but have we ever heard of the vocalist, Shena?

A session singer originally, last week Shena released her new single ‘Can’t Stop The Rain’ and although it didn’t do big things, it must surely have tickled the ears of Hed Kandi or Ministry’s A&R people. Sounding like the closest thing to Chic, particularly I Want Your Love, in many a year, it’s full of funky horns, a hip shimmering bassline and Nile Rodgers’ bells. Radio 2 have been playing it on their B-list but I’d love it to pick up somewhere else in the future.

Paul Lester says it better.


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