The Veronicas Hit The UK!

Over three years ago I wrote about a brilliant pop band called The Veronicas. I’d found them via an mp3 blog, was working in social media at the time, and loved the way they were being marketed.

Amazingly they are now being brought over to have a crack at UK success. Although the Max Martin penned 4eva from their debut album remains the standout song for me, it’s their 2nd album ‘Hook Me Up’ that we’ll be hearing. Originally released in their home of Australia in 2007 I wonder what it must be like for a band to constantly have to promote the same stuff over and over again in different terriorites over such a long period. I know we think the world of pop is all glamour and glitz, but we have to remember to the people involved it’s probably like any other job. It has more than it’s fair share of amazing-ness but there must be those hungover or dragging days that get anyone down.

Image issues are another part of fame, and I think something The Veronicas are facing. Where once they were pretty looking normal girls, they’ve now become so thin it’s unattractive. You could see every bone and muscle in their knees when perching on stools and facially they looked worn and gaunt, plus they’re playing about with a ‘oooh we might be so sexy together’ lesbian T.a.T.u-esque vibe despite being sisters. Yawn, we’re so over that.

Muscially though, is what we’re all about, and live they pulled off a great show. They’ve dropped the super poppy sound of ‘The Secret Lives of…’ and taken a darker, more studio electronic vibe surrounded by emo looking band members. ‘Untouched’ will be their first UK single. It’s an urgent sounding, string laden teenage tale of yearning love that I think is brilliant. It’s perfect to soundtrack an episode of Gossip Girl, but I doubt it’ll work on super safe daytime radio music policies. Perhaps the similarly awesome but slightly more commercial Hook Me Up would do better. Equally their image is doubtful to impress fashion magazines or the like unless they were on a bit of a gothic vibe, with my friend from Marie Claire describing them on his twitter as ‘appleton + shampoo + pinks song + rubbish tattoos = the veronicas’.

You can download a free, guilt free copy of Untouched here courtesy of Fuse Magazine.

Download The Veronicas – Untouched [MP3].

Most importantly if you only have time for one creepy pair of weirdo sisters in your life, ditch these and go check out the wonderful The Pierces. We’re waiting for your new record!

3 thoughts on “The Veronicas Hit The UK!

  1. I’m sad that The Vs are only coming over here now, cos I loved The Secret Life and really wanted them to release it here. Now I couldn’t care less, the new songs are so average. I can’t get into them at all.

  2. I actually really like the newer stuff, but fuck, you’re bang on the money with the faux-lesbian call. There’s an air of it in their clips/etcetera of late that is just bloody boring and even pisses me off to an extent.

    Glad they’re doing well though.

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