Kleerup Arrives

You might remember the name Kleerup from Robyn’s brilliant #1 ‘With Every Heartbeat’ – he was the producer behind the song and accompanied Robyn live on lots of early gig dates. Beardy and hairy he looked like an unlikely pop star but his self titled debut album managed to deliver one of most bittersweet pop albums of 2008 in Sweden. He’d had lots of practice before going solo though, as the former drummer in amazing Swedish band Teddybears STHLM.

Now ‘Kleerup’ is set to be released in the UK in April or May time thanks to Positiva Records. The album is filled with gorgeous soaring electro pop fronted on the whole by some of Sweden’s best vocalists including Neneh Cherry and Marit Bergman. Robyn described it to me very well as ‘songs to dance to with tears in your eyes’. To get the ball rolling, an EP named ‘Holla Holla’ will be out first with the disjointed ‘Until We Bleed’ featuring Lykke Li and bittersweet ‘Longing For Lullabies’ with Neneh’s younger sister Titiyo. Here’s the Swedish video for the latter:


Most excitingly Kleerup will be live at Cargo on April 9, hopefully with lots of vocalists in tow.

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