I was out tonight so disappointingly didn’t get to watch the Brit Awards live on TV. Instead I’m catching up via youtube and started at the end with the Pet Shop Boys outstanding achievement medley. Seriously – how amazing is this? I wish I’d been there, but was so overwhelmed just watching this, I’d have exploded into tears.

I was a little confused why they needed guest stars, but they did’t detract at all. Gaga pulled off Dusty’s bit perfectly and Brandon looked hilariously excited. Plus a shout out to my home town of Blackpool – I can’t imagine how mental Little Boots went during that bit.

Double woops must also go out to Elbow & Girls Aloud for scooping their first Brits. As for Katy Perry? Shame on you Brits voters!


5 thoughts on “DOUBLE PSB

  1. Incredibly pleased GA won a gong… long overdue and well deserved. You don’t know how hard it is not to watch that YT clip of the PSB medley… I’m waiting for the whole awards night to be aired on Aussie TV next week so am avoiding all clips!

  2. Er, were you watching on acid or something? It was embarrassing. My gran could have put together a better set than the PSB, simply no /flow/ stylistically or musically. Lady Gaga was a disgrace, would have been better if her mike was off. Have another look with the tinted specs removed.

  3. I think if you love the Pet Shop Boys it was amazing, but if you hate them then it was truly awful. And I can understand why some people hate them.

  4. No, don’t get me wrong I don’t hate them at all. Yazoo, Depeche Mode, PSB – these are the soundtrack to my childhood. But I just didn’t think it did them justice. Shame.

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