The Best Abba Song You’ve Probably Never Heard


Abba’s Tiger is a missing classic. I was introduced to it last year when I stayed at Benny from Abba’s art deco Hotel Rival in Stockholm and the room included a copy of Arrival. Brilliant all the way through, it reaches a mad level of brilliance in the last 7 seconds

2 thoughts on “The Best Abba Song You’ve Probably Never Heard

  1. One of my faves, but I’d never seen the video before so thanks for that 🙂 Inspired.

    ABBA are one of those bands I have to compile a playlist of lesser known songs for because the real anthems tend to overpower the remaining tracks even on the individual albums.

    For some reason I usually alternate between ABBA and AC/DC on the same playlist…

  2. I never heard this song and I think it’s cool, another song that doesn’t get mentioned often is The Name of The Game which I think is amazing.

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