Eurovision 2009


Some people are scarily obsessed with Eurovision. To my friends, I probably seem the obsessed one, but in my case it’s only mild. However, in 2006, thanks to a couple of press passes and a why not attitude, my friend Darren and I went off to Helsinki to check the contest out. It was amazing. Finland was so excited to be hosting the contest and everyone but the UK seemed to be taking it deadly seriously. Of course, we sent Scooch, and fully deserved the bottom two placing we got.

Last year, I became Lucio’s official Eurovision ‘correspondent’ on Capital FM in London and had great fun engaging London in the contest. We discussed who the UK should represent, were horrified when the decision was made and then took to deciding which country London should vote for. We went for Ukraine’s strut-tastic Shady Lady and Ani Lorak even dropped in for a chat.

So this year, we’re claiming to take it a bit more seriously, mainly by getting the bizarrely endearing should be couple of Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd Webber involved. ‘Your Country Needs You’ replaces ‘Making Your Mind Up’ and started on BBC1 last night. At times it was spit at your drink funny but we didn’t seem to take the advice of Europe with the idea that we need to send an actual professional performer. Although Jade will certainly satisfy Adrian’s strutting criteria, surely her failure to make it so far, despite being signed twice must be an indication. The twins are frankly annoying and already failed at X Factor this year and Emperors of Soul were pointless. Solo men traditionally don’t do very well, so despite Damien and Mark seeming the most professional, I’m not sure they’ll win. That leaves the slightly lacklustre Charlotte. Not a brilliant selection – but in reality it’s more about the song. If Webby can pull together a fabulous ballad, then we’ll be in with a chance.

I’m vaguely tempted to go again this year, just because I really want to go to Moscow anyway and it’s a good excuse. I shall ponder.

The Sound of 2008


sound of 2008

2008 was a great year for pop music, singles and the chart. I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot of albums but the above are my favourites. I never really knew Elbow before but this album was just brilliant – musically and lyrically, Vampire Weekend continues to be exciting, bouncy and gleeful, and Neon Neon was a very strange idea turned into a great reality.  As ever I could endlessly ponder my songs of the year, and I’m really weird in how I define things. So while I might love ‘One Day Like This’ and ‘I Lust U’, I’ll include those via their respective albums in my albums list above because I don’t really think of them as singles just part of an album.

Song of the Year: Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat. It’s been out a bit but not properly properly so I was cautious about putting this in the 2008 chart, but it’s the only song that makes my jaw drop, still nearly a year after Victoria first sent it round. Totally brilliant and a huge year awaits.

Rest of Best: 2. Sam Sparro – Black & Gold, 3. Estelle – American Boy, 4. MGMT – Kids, 5. Miley Cyrus – See You Again, 6. The Saturdays – Up, 7. Solange – I Decided, 8. The Ting Tings – Great DJ, 9. Ne-Yo – Closer, 10. Chris Brown & Jordin Sparks – No Air

Most Listened to (according to Last FM): 1. Ben Folds – You Don’t Know Me, 2. Sarah Brightman – I Don’t Know How To Love Him, 3. Miley Cyrus – See You Again, 4. Sophie Ellis Bextor – Heartbreak Make Me A Dancer, 5. Ladyhawke – Paris Is Burning, 6, The Ting Tings – Great DJ, 7 Girls Aloud – Miss You Bow Wow, 8, Sara Barielles –  Love Song, 9. Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat, 10, Sam Sparro – Black & Gold