Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux


Following on from the stats grabbing initial review of the new Fall Out Boy album, this was the review that was actually published back in October. It’s about to be finally released.


Could Fall Out Boy be any more perfect? They make songs you can stomp along to, give us the eyeliner hotness of Pete and have donated $50k to a pro gay marriage campaign. Three hoorays from Attitude. French for ‘shared madness by two’, ‘Folie A Deux’, might be more thoughtful but remains packed with melodramatics that leave us pondering just how amazing an FOB musical would be.

Lead single ‘I Don’t Care’ steals a glammy beat from ‘Spirit in the Sky’ and almost sounds like a Xenomania production with campy ‘oohs’ sandwiching a dark chorus. With special guests including Pharrell and Debbie Harry popping up,  Elvis Costello delights on ‘What A Catch, Donnie’ – born to soundtrack the moment that goofy boy everyone laughs at has a Tyra style makeover becomes the fiercest girl in school.  Although nothing can top last album’s ‘Gay Is Not An Acronym For Shit’, the boys would still win awards for song titles  with the random likes of ‘Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes’ and the creepy, epic sounds of ‘Head First Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet’.

Though ’27’ might claim ‘We’re all just fucked’, the anthemic (Coffee For Closers) stresses that ‘change will come’. Released on US Election day, Folie A Deux is ultimately the sound of a frustrated generation looking for a way out.

4 thoughts on “Fall Out Boy – Folie A Deux

  1. Just for the record, you completely stole this from the Rolling Stone. Is it coincidence they made the same reference about “What a Catch” drawing parallels to Elvis Costello and Stump’s versatility to hit notes like that? I don’t know. Just seems odd. But FOB is the best thing for Rock out there right now, and that’s hands down factual info!!

  2. Hello dude,

    Afraid not – this was published in a magazine in October, and the Rolling Stone review didn’t come out till 15 December.

    Elvis Costello is actually on the album hence the mention, and I’m not sure I can spot the similarities in the reviews anyway!

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