Isn’t Pixie Lott a brilliant pop star name? Coming out of Mercury Records in 2009, Pixie is a 17 year old singer songwriter who was plucked from stage school and sent to American to make amazing soulful pop with the likes of Darkchild and Babyface. Is this a formula for an instant diva?

Pixie’s songs have an instant American hit quality to them, with the Ryan Tedder-eque ‘Without You’ a reminder of something like Jo-Jo’s brilliant ‘Leave Get Out’. The soulful ‘Mama Do’ sounds like it was originally destined for Mutya (are Mercury re-using a song perhaps?), ‘Boys and Girls’ is super cute and ‘The Fall’ showing off a less annoying version of Natasha Bedingfield. 

Interesting to keep an eye on, there are big bucks behind this project and you’ll no doubt be hearing her all over the radio come summer. File next to Leona rather than Amy.

Listen to Pixie on her myspace (def. Mama Do!)

(props to Ben!)

3 thoughts on “Pixie

  1. Love love this girl…i have seen her perform and have always been blown away by her soulful voice and of course her natural beauty. Such a talent with songwriting and the piano too. Love Mama Do. Cant wait for her single and album to come out, i’ll definately be buying it. So great to have a natural raw talent from the UK.

  2. Wow I was blown away with this girls voice and she is only 17! Cant wait for the release of her music. Go Pixie, you are a star x

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