All Hail Janelle Monáe

I have a new favourite pop star. Yes, only hours after RebekkahMaria I have now been drastically won over by the deliciously funky Janelle Monáe.

You may have heard her soulful tones on Outkast’s ‘Idlewild’ soundtrack, but I’ve just been introduced to her via awesome American blog Arjan Writes. Originally her EP Metropolis was released on a small label in 2007. As these things sometime do, it spread through the music lovers and built up a buzz before P Diddy signed her up to his label and Outkast’s Big Boi rocked up on production duties.

Yesterday she released ‘Metropolis: The Chase Suite’ in America and her full length debut will follow in early 2009. It’s a concept EP telling the tale of Janelle’s alter ego sci-fi android Cindy Mayweather who falls ‘madly in love with a human’. Although the two races live side by side, the androids are govered by a law that says no android can ever fall in love so it’s time for Cindi to go on the run and escape the droid control hunting her down with chainsaws. It’s bonkers, but coupled with the mash of strange hammond organ, James Bond-esque strings, funk, rock and soul, manages to completely work and sound magical.

Download: Janelle Monae – Violet Stars Happy Hunting!!! [MP3]

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