Solange Vs Imani

The retro vibe is still flying high, and if you’re after the song of the summer you could do worse than these two…

Flying in the big budget corner is by Solange Knowles, who no matter what she’ll do in life, will always be known as Beyonce’s little sister. A pretty simple track based mainly around a drumbeat, ‘I Decided’ been remixed (and labelled Pt 2) for the European audience by The Freemasons who have added strings and trumpets and given it a fuller sound.

It’s totally inspired by The Supremes, and it’s fair enough to say that the original represents the original 60s group (with the Baby Love beat in particular), whereas Pt 2 is 80s disco Diana. The video lives this up even more with the girl group stylings, costumes and hair. On a bad note, it ends with a terrible fade.


In the indie corner, it’s the return of Imani Coppala who you may remember from her 1998 hit ‘Legend of a Cowgirl’. She’s back with producer Adam Pallin under the name ‘Little Jackie’ and has managed to create a song with a perfect summer vibe and a real life attitude.

We had it as our record of the week last month and it was added to lots of playlists last week. It reminds me of Lily Allen’s ‘Smile’ in the sense of it being massive in the sunshine and having a real city vibe. The video has some great shots of Brooklyn in it. Plus who can resist a song with such a brilliant title as ‘The World Should Revolve Around Me’.

One thought on “Solange Vs Imani

  1. Imaani Coppola! Imaani Coppola!!!!!

    (or, as I started to call her: Imaani Coppo-load-of-that!)

    I LOVED her album. It was properly bonkers. I’m glad she’s back, although this is a bit too straight down the line really. Hopefully she has some songs about being a tree, a talking pigeon called Penelope and other weirdness tucked up her sleeve.

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