Whedon Whedon Whedon

I bemoaned to my spiritual tv buddy Abby the other day that I was out of things to watch. My new loves of the fabulous Gossip Girl and the fantastical Pushing Daisies (neither of which the UK really seemed to ‘get’) will return in the Autumn and after next week I’m looking at a pretty Doctor Who / Torchwood lite time until 2010.

In the meantime I’m amusing myself with this:

Yup it’s How Do You Solve A Problem like Maria (in Canada!). Loser!

Tonight though I’m enthused about what’s coming because the brilliant Sizemore has posted the trailers for not one, but two new Joss Whedon projects, including the forthcoming Dollhouse. It’ll be joining American schedules mid season in January and stars Buffyverse alumni Amy Acker and Eliza Dushku. Mike’s got it covered so go see him. In the meantime I guess I should use the time to finally watch Firefly.

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