Cherry Chap Sticks

You might have heard about Coldplay getting the transatlantic double by scoring #1 in both America and the UK with ‘Vida La Vida’ last week. A cool feat but their success may be shortlived all thanks to a girl called Katy Perry.

Katy went to #1 in America this week and has been causing a storm in the states with her 2nd single ‘I Kissed A Girl’. She’s 23 and as seems to happen quite a lot with America stars, has transformed from a sweet, polite Christian gospel singer into a right little madam!

The song is written by UK pop goddess Cathy Dennis and American producer Dr Luke who’s the man behind Sugababes ‘About You Now’, Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Since U Been Gone’ and P!nk’s ‘U + Ur Hand’ to name but a few. Basically if you hear anything big and bouncy with a powerful female singer, he’s more often than not behind it.

I heard the song a month or two back but couldn’t really decide what I thought of it. It’s sure as hell a trashy grower, but deep down I think it’s just ok, nothing mindblowing. I think it would have been much funnier had Miley Cyrus sung it in any case. Ooh imagine the controversy.

Now we’ve started playing it at Capital so it’s no doubt going to explode over here also.

Check out the video:


Via Katy, my friend Ben introduced me to Jill Sobule who had a minor hit with a song of the same name in 1995. It was featured in Clueless but I’ve never heard it before. The video is cute, and it’s a fun song from a girl Whigfield obviously took style inspirations from!


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  1. IKAG is huge in the USA at the moment. But actually Ur So Gay is probably more provocative. Dare you to play that one.


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