I really like new Island signing Leon Jean Marie. He’s from South Woodford and has been knocking about in the right circles for a couple of years. His last single, the Mark Ronson produced, Bed of Nails had a spooky Madness feel to it, that once it clicked hooked into your head for ages. As a buzz single it didn’t really do much but he’s plowing ahead with single #2, Bring It On and I really hope it does well, although i’m not entirely confident. I met him a couple of months ago for an interview which you can read here and here and I’m pleased to report he was really lovely and we had a good chat about working with Bloodshy & Avant in Sweden!

Here’s the video for ‘Bring It On’. It’s got a similarly 80s feel and I couldn’t quite figure out what it sounded like until it was pointed out as being pretty much exactly the same as Steve Miller Band’s 1982 #2 Abracadabra (what a tune!). I hope it’s referenced as being an ‘interpolation’ or what not as it’s blatant! Compare the two, and laugh at the 80s spook of the ‘Abracadabra’ video.

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