Sonny J – Handsfree

Could this be any more amazing?

Apart from the Jackso-esque ‘Can’t Stop Moving’, ‘Handfree’ was the immediate stand out track from the forthcoming Sonny J album ‘Disastro’ and I’m delighted to see it get a release. It’s been given an expensive video treatment courtesy of the producers behind the video for Utah Saints Somethin Good ’08 and it’s mainsteam feel could see it becoming a regular on the music channels.

Of course – it’s a massive sample. In fact it’s barely a sample, more a remix of an old track by Donna Hightower. Popjustice pointed me at the original on youtube yesterday and it’s one of those cases where (like ‘Robot Rock’ – check this) the new song is so identical to the original it barely seems worth it. However without this remix we’d probably never have discovered the amazing original!

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