Agyness Deyn – Popstar

The rise of supermodel Agyness Deyn somehow passed me by until she appeared on Jonathan Ross a couple of months ago. Brain bashingly northern, she’s a breath of fresh air and (currently) normality into the modelling world. She looks different, sounds different, is funny and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. I’m a bit disappointed her real name is Laura though, I was digging the famous person being called Agyness vibe. My great aunt and great-grandmother were both called Agnes and I’ve always thought it a pretty ugly name until now!

The domination of Agyness in the pop culture world could now no longer be confined to fashion after it was announced that she would be appearing on a track with Northampton turned New York band Five O’Clock Heroes. The song is called ‘Who’ and is the first single from their 2nd album ‘Speak Your Language’. And as it turns out – the girl can sing. Her sweet vocals complement the gruffness of vocallist Anthony Ellis and the boy/girl vocals are slightly reminiscent of Mystery Jets ‘Young Love’ although it’s a lot more new-wave sounding. And of course Aggy looks amazing in the video. Effortlessly cool, she has an Edie Sedgewick wandering around Scarlett Johansson’s ‘Lost in Translation’ world, vibe to her.

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