I love musicals, and am constantly amused by Andrew Lloyd Webber’s transition from odd looking famous man to cult television icon. He could give Gene Hunt a run for his money.

As well as enjoying John Barrowman as a ridiculous judge for the 3rd time, I’m even more interested than I expected in I’d Do Anything thanks to the appearance of Jodie Prenger. We attended the same tiny girls school in Blackpool and as she’s happily admitted on TV she was a lot bigger then! However she was always an amazing talent musically & drama wise. She was a main star in our production of Mikado and later went on to perform in a theatre version of Hot Mikado which I remember as being absolutely amazing. Plus from what I knew of her, Nancy would be the perfect role, she’s lively, bubbly and cares. I was a bit worried she was maybe coming across a bit too intensely but on forums people seem to like her, and whoever thought she could turn ‘Chasing Pavements’ into a song I’d like!

However the performance that throws up a strong contender was Keisha’s doing ‘Mad About The Boy’ on Saturday’s show. I’m not sure her destiny is Nancy but sounding like a young Shirley Bassey, her performance was absolutely mesmerising and confident.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m a freelance journalist writing a piece about Jodie for a major celebrity magazine. Our readers love her and we’re convinced she’ll be a finalist, at the very least. I would love to hear your memories of her from school – I can either include your name and blogsite, if you’d like the publicity, or you could be anonymous. Looking forward to hearing from you – please get in touch asap as my deadline is very tight. Best wishes.

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