Shady Lady

You may or may not know that this year I have been randomly thrust in front of the microphone as Capital Radio’s Eurovision ‘expert’ on Lucio’s evening show. I know so little compared to Adrian so am using him to feed me information. Ha!

Anyway every country has now selected and this is the stand out pop song. An exploding mirrorball?? Ukraine for the win baby!

September Comes Early

When we went to Ibiza a few years ago and hired a car, the radio was full of a song that sounded a little bit like the mighty Tamparer. Back home we discovered it was Satellites by a Swedish (obv!) dance outfit called September.

Since then, they seem to have done quite well in America and are now getting a release on Hard 2 Beat Records. This is the label whose first release was Basshunter and 2nd H ‘two’ O so they have a pretty good record so far. If you like Cascada, if you like raving it up on a Blackpool dancefloor… you’ll like this. But it’s somewhat a classier proposition and the album In Orbit is full of great dance tracks.

A new video has been recorded for the UK market which is much more colourful and brash than the original. Do the two very different videos change your perception of the song?

European video

UK video