Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro2008 is looking like a very odd year musically so far. The biggest selling single of the year so far is a eurotrashy trance track and bassline looks like it’s set to conquor all. Now just creeping through a small gap comes the resurgance of disco, seemingly led on the underground by the majestic ‘Blind’ from Hercules and Love Affair.

One of the mainstream big hopes for disco is Sam Sparro. Signed to Island Records and getting a big push, his first single ‘Black and Gold’ is due on March 31. Musically it’s ‘black’ – a dark brooding affair, filled with the sound of the 80s and a heavy swaggering groove. Then his smooth voice is the ‘gold’, dripping a layer of sultry funk across the beats. Serious electrosoul which makes me sob at the lack of success the mighty Unklejam got. Did they arrive a year too early?

Listen to ‘Black and Gold’ at Sam’s myspace.

3 thoughts on “Sam Sparro

  1. Check out the Kings of the Universe remix of this track it’s really fabolus!!

    It’s on the cd promo but don’t know if it will be officially released. Hope so, it takes me back!

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