Eurovision 2008: The Beginning


I am proud to say I love Eurovision. Last year I went and now we’re in the middle of countries selecting their songs for the 2008 contest. I am not sure I will be as successful as last year in getting eurovision songs national radio plays though 🙂

I’ve just had a listen to everything that’s been selected so far, and to be honest – it’s sounding pretty pants. Here are my ‘first listen’ thoughts… (I am rubbish at judging ballads)

Albania: Ballad, starts very quietly, then builds with some proper eurovision monk chanting. Sounds quite influenced by last year’s winner. Big, strong – pretty boring to watch – but there’s passion. Give her a big dress and it could be a contender.

Andorra: Silly euro-trashy song – the type of thing that doesn’t really win anymore. But it will probably have a big performance with glitter streams, can-can dancing and hot pink.

Azerbejiaian: A man in some wings screams. This is interesting. Then it goes into a rubbish, growling version of “Vampires Are Alive” but without any tune or fun.

Belarus: He is no Koldun. This is a terrible, boring performance. He looks like he’s thinking about his shopping list. The song, however, is good – the bells make it. Go Belarus!! Again. WOO WOO.

Czech Republic: An intersting idea that fails to work because taking off clothes should always signal an amazing change in the song. Instead this goes a bit Israeli when the coat comes off. Obviously anything going a bit Israeli is quite nice for me but this is all a bit cabaret.

Denmark – There is nothing wrong with this. It is a not unattractive man, wearing a hat, singing a song. It is just non -descript and contains a very cheesy chorus. Yeah let’s all hold hands and love one another dudes!!

Estonia – Rubbish. Not even good rubbish.

Lituania – I don’t care how it sounds, ‘Nomads in the night’ is the best song title ever. It’s a bit Lloyd Webber, but also A BIT PITCHY. If he pulls off a good performance this could do very well.

Malta – They’ve gone mental and ditched their traditional podgy women singing ballads. Instead it’s a slightly scary woman singing mid 90s dance. No discerning hook but it might sound good when it’s done well as it has a mental thing going on on the backing track that might work in a slightly ‘comedy’ way. The Maltese audience look terrified.

Moldova – Oddly going for a French theme, this is a little bit Nouvelle Vague. It looks boring though and will be forgotten. It started well but got kinda bad.

Norway – I am rubbish at judging ballads as I can get easily bored. This is essentially a woman singing an Enrique Iglasias song. It sounds ‘expensive’. Will either win or be mid-board. Yes!

Slovenia – midtempo. Non English. It’s a bit messy. The breakdown could have made it but doesn’t. Also it looks like a 90s mess and has a random woman air splitting at the end.
**UPDATE**: the studio version makes it much better. I now like it and would dance to it at a gay club. However she needs to sing it in English.

Switzerland: Now we have a latino Brian Dowling doing an epic ballad. If you like Westlife, you will like this. The piano is nice and then suddenly when you’re bored, up goes the tempo and out come some crazy women throwing some clothes about. Unfortunately it is not as exciting as that last sentence makes it sound but still. Westlife ahoy!

Slovenia, Norway, Belarus, Lithuania and Albania are the best so far.

None of them are as good as ‘Ding A Dong’

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  1. I can’t help thinking the Swiss song is all wrong. Its focus is on the “era stupendo” line when the opening line “vol…” of the chorus is much more hooky.

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