Little Boots – Stuck On Repeat

victoriaPlanning to be a ‘futuristic version of Kate Bush’, one of my favourite new pop singers is launching a solo career under the name of Little Boots. Writing with Greg Kurstin in LA, Victoria has (temporarily?) ditched the indie pop and become a glittering disco princess. Her debut solo single is produced by Joe Goddard from Hot Chip and oozes Giorgio Moroder vibes with an undulating, almost creepy disco beat. It’s destined for a low key white label release pretty soon and I can’t wait to hear it on big club speakers with lots of room to do some epic space dancing, as I think my iMac speakers possibly(!) don’t do it justice.

Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat

I’m really into disco at the moment and am annoyed the only place there really is to dance to it is Horsemeat Disco in Vauxhall. I think I spend too much time on the gay scene with DJing that I’m trying to cut back socially or a spinster life with bags and cats awaits me. There’s also Disco Bloodbath in Hackney which I really need to try. Anyone know of any others.

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