The Drums! The Drums! The Drums!


Mid last year, a slightly shouty girl and boy called The Ting Tings bounced out of their recording studio in Manchester, and into my playlists. Debut single ‘That’s Not My Name’ somehow managed to be both stompy, handclapping “Hey Mickey” for the naughties; and a laid back, swaggering groove.

Part of the new generation of bands who know that’s it’s cool to call themselves pop, their next single ‘Great DJ’ has just landed on my desk and is another perfect indie dancefloor filler. The constant mute picking of the guitar immediately sets the tone, and when the chorus kicks in, Katie’s elongated ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ and the ‘drrrrrummms’ fire up the girl power within this song.

But don’t get me wrong, as much as I like them, as much as they’re tipped by all the right people for success this year & have just been added to the R1 Upfront playlist, I don’t see how they can be marketed to great crossover success. Not that that’s an issue, it’s just a bit irritating how everyone is talking about them as if they are going to be the biggest popstars in the world.

Saying that beg, steal or do whatever you can to get a ticket to see them at Hoxton Bar & Grill next week. It might be London’s worst gig venue and it’ll certainly be full of posing hipsters, but the show and the music should be fantastic. It’s pop, fun and it rulezzzzz!

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