I Thought It Was Over…

When ‘Fill My Little World’ and ‘Sewn’ came out, I hated the Feeling with a passion thinking it was twee, kiddie music. Then the released ‘I Love It When You Call’, probably the most childish of them all, and fell in love! Seeing them live cemented my belief that I had been totally wrong and now they are back.

“I Thought It Was Over” is the 1st single from their 2nd album and it’s amazing. It has shades of ‘Valentine’ by The Delays but annoying a really pants video. It’s irritatingly pants, because the song has so many moments where the video could totally burst out into disco and colours yet it always teeters on the edge.

Listen to the whole song because one of the most joyeous moments I’ve ever heard in music occurs about 30s from the end. The song drops out for 1/2 a second and there is the most blissful harpsicordy twist. Awesome.

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