Let it SNOW

Who knew the Snow presenting dynasty had a eligable hot link? Hello Dan Snow!


Facts I also learnt tonight:

* Managing a Pret earns you 35k. What?
* Jon Snow turned down an OBE, but Peter Snow has a CBE
* Peter & Jon are cousins
* Jon was once engaged to Anna Ford !!!
* Dan Snow earns 75k, Peter verges on 100k
* Peter Snow once auditioned for James Bond.
* Jon Snow does not believe in poppy facism.

Imagine being part of the Snow dynasty. It’s even better than the Fox dynasty. Amazing.

3 thoughts on “Let it SNOW


    i am changing jobs.

    and, fyi, the pret chicken ceasar sandwich is more fattening than a bigmac. fact.

  2. Dan Snow on 75K a year for some shitty history programs he presented, its a fucking farce!
    Now we know where some of our licence fee to the Fucking BBC goes, 75K to these nepotistic wankers!

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