Singles of the Year 2007

kate nash

A little bit late, but if you care, these were my favourite songs of 2007 – in no particular order. I always end up with an utterly mainstream list – I do like non chart stuff too! This year I am determined (as I always am) to make the list from the start of the year.

Axwell “I Found You” : A mad mesh of 90s piano, soulful vocals and 00’s rave, this year’s ultimate dance anthem.

Robyn “Konichiwa Bitches” : I thought Robyn was mad releasing this as her first single. Unaccessible and not a fair representation, but now I understand it’s quite simply brilliant. A real grower, cute lyrics and a throbbing bassline help make it a dancefloor stomper.

Kate Nash “Foundations” : Maybe my favourite. This teenage ode was a perfect singalong hit, not least for it’s amusing pronunciations and it’s ‘let’s act out the song’ factor. Kate co-hosted hit40uk one afternoon and was lovely. Still not boring.

Bloc Party “Flux” : An unexpected late entry, this sounds like Bloc Party listened to “Valentine” by The Delays and ramped it up a gear. Soaring and brilliant to dance to as well as shout “WE NEED TO TAAALK” at the top of your voice.

Rihanna “Umbrella”: A strange, brilliant song that stayed at #1 for the most number of week’s since Wet Wet Wet. Not an obvious #1 but one that cemented my belief that sometimes the buying public does know what they’re doing.

M.I.A “Jimmy”: Completely and utterly amazing, but slightly tarnished by the fact that it’s actually just a cover of an old Bollywood.

Fedde Le Grand vs Ida Corr – “Let Me Think About It” : Described as someone else perfectly as “wonky parping”.

Groove Armada “Song 4 Mutya”: A far greater song that Mutya deserved, this should have been #1. It did nowhere near as well as it should, thanks, in no small part to the unimaginably bad video.

Amy Winehouse “Back To Black”: The standout track on the album of the same name.

Aly & AJ “Potential Break Up Song”: Swirly, sugary pop from two American Christian sisters. One of many random songs I convinced people into playing on national radio (not the weirdest though). Somehow it charted and I can just about get away with djing with it!

According to, my top 10 singles (only taking 1 from each artist) were actually: Sexy No No No, With Every Heartbeat, Potential Break-up Song, Tony The Beat, Let Me Know, Foundations, Gimme More, Like A Boy and Catch You.

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