I went to see Spice Girls last night at their opening London gig. Despite being right at the top of the O2 and looking down on them as tiny people, it was awesome.

These were the highlights

– the crowd going WILD every time Victoria sang. Seriously it was hilarious. She seemed to genuinely smile at it.
– the cartoon visuals behind ‘Holler’ that somehow made every SG look like Cheryl Cole.
– the full on Gatecrasher “I Turn To You”
– “Viva Forever” making me nearly cry!
– how at times it felt like The Geri Halliwell Show
– The chants of “GERI, GERI, GERI” before ‘It’s Raining Men’
– Them playing a snippit of Run DMC vs Jason Nevins “It’s Like That” before “Stop”; the very song that made “Stop” the only (old) Spice single not to reach number 1.
– Geri’s union Jack dress

I am totally going again before they finish their o2 gigs so I can sit closer. Ebay at the ready!

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