To Cut A Long Story Short

cazalsAbout 18 months ago a band called Cazals had one spiky indie hit that we loved playing djing. It was called Poor Innocent Boy and then I never heard anything about them again. Friends with Doherty (boo) and Bloc Party (woo), I forgot about them entirely until an email appeared telling me they were supporting Daft Punk in Japan this week.

It seems in their missing period they’ve been signed to Kitsune and have been in France perfecting their debut album What Of Our Future which’ll be appearing in March 2008.

Their new single is a cover of Spandau Ballet’s To Cut A Long Story Short (out Dec 17). This sounds like a terrible concept but it’s surprisingly good, making the 1980s hit sound like something fresh and new in 2007. Maybe it’s just the strength of the original songwriting as it doesn’t really sound that much different from the original but this news is making me really anticipate the Cazals album. Check out the video:

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