Cotton Candy Disco


I’m in Canada at the moment (hello!) and for the first time in quite a while I’ve just bought some cds (not cos i steal, cos i get sent). They’re two albums that I love and have had to download and not buy because they’re only currently issued in North America.

The first is Disco Romance by Sally Shapiro. Sally is a Swedish artist that sings Italo-disco songs, sometimes in French! Confused? Don’t be. She’s blonde, cute and publicity shy, Sally isn’t even her real name. Disco Romance came out earlier in the year and is one of those albums that you can put on and do anything to – it can be background noise, something you ignore, or something you blissfully daydream into. It’d be easy to label her as the new Annie, but despite being so reculsive, she somehow comes across less cold than the Norwegian star. After all how can you not love someone who says “I like indie pop with no guitars”. That should be my motto. Sally’s apparently the puppet of producer Johan Agebjorn but this new version of the album contains 3 new songs, one of which is the cutsy Jackie Jackie. This is the first song she’s done a video for, and it’s much more pop and less disco disco than some of her other stuff…

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