The Pierces in London


Every so often I come across a band from overseas that I love. I listen to their album 100 times in a row and then check their live dates, only to discover their last UK date was about a week ago and there are no more planned.

This happened a few months ago when I finally got round to listening to Thirteen Tales of Love And Revenge by The Pierces. The band is made up of Catherine and Allison Pierce, two sisters from Alabama, who sing sinister, creepy pop songs that fizzle with darkness and morbid electronic beats.

Now they’re back in the UK for two acoustic gigs. While the word acoustic may send pain through my heart, I’m still going along to hear whether the spine tingles can be pulled off live tonight at the Water Rats, and I recommend you do the same.

They’re on stage at 8.30 so see you there?
Here’s what to expect:

2 thoughts on “The Pierces in London

  1. How annoying that I just yetserday realised that I want to see them and I missed them by 3 weeks. Do you know anymore gigs in the future?

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