Bootlicking Nazi Creep

It’s a bit creepy and she perhaps looks a bit too strange for a UK audience but here is the interesting new video for Robyn’s next single “Handle Me”. I like the song and it’s ballsy lyrics but I’m still not overly convinced it is the right choice for her next single. While I’d love it to “Who’s That Girl” or “Bum Like Me”, there’s such momentum growing behind “Cobrastyle” or even for a re-release of “Konichiwa Bitches” that it’s a shame neither of those will be in play till at least single number 5 from this album (no. 4 is going to be the majestic “Be Mine”)

Dragonette – Galore (album review)

galoreSo much has been written and hyped about Dragonette in the last year that it’s just boring now. They make great pop music – it’s dirty, squelchy and electro, but I feel like I’ve been listening to it for my entire life. I had to try to think of it as something new though for my review of their album Galore which only hit the shops last week.

“The sound of the 80s thrown through a hot pink time machine into 2010; this is pop at its glossiest, its best and without doubt its groin-itchingly sexiest.”

Read the rest of my review at BBC Music.

Daft Punk Baby!


I went to Paris on Monday to talk to Daft Punk (one of them is very hot, who knew!) for a documentary I’m producing for BBC Radio 1. The show is going to air in November and I’m going to pimp it everywhere when it does. But for now put November 22 in your diaries! As we weren’t allowed to film the guys, I spent Sunday trying to recreate their helmets (in shonky format) to film some video content around Paris in them. The content is ridiculous. But here is the photo of the helmets in action, modelled by my lovely housemates and giggled at by Daft Punk on Monday. Amazing.