Operator Please

operator please

Operator Please are this year’s Grates. Well they are in the sense of being Australian, having loud shouty music and possibly only one good song. That’s a bit harsh on The Grates, but their first single “19 20 20” did show massive promise and wasn’t followed by anything that great. They did tell me they liked my beads though so I like them.

Operator Please are also quite like what we already know (and it’s about 3 lines) Manchester’s seemingly amazing Tigerpicks who released the impossibly brilliant and guaranteed floorfiller “Disco Punk Electro Funk” earlier in the year. They’re alike because they both like bright colours in their videos (maybe it’s the same director), their songs are bursting with energy and zest and they all look about 14.

I don’t know what the rest of their stuff sounds like really, and I’m not sure whether to go and see them live next week at the Astoria. But I think I will. I like bands who look like they’re having fun.

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