Northern State – Better Already


Blogging has slowed to a standstill as I move house and am, until Tuesday, internetless (the open connection seems to have disappeared 🙁 ).

I’ve not heard of Northern State before, but I just watched this video via Stereogum and quite like it. It’s quirky rap-prock (er pop/rock), the type of thing that we’d play at Miss-Shapes, so it’s not that surprising to find out that some of their stuff is produced by Beastie Boy Adam Horowvitz (who’s married to Le Tigre’s Kathleen Hanna). Northern State are Spero, Sprout and Hesta Prynn, and they’ve been knocking about since 2002. They were signed to Columbia for a short while, but left the label after disagreements. Their 3rd album Can I Keep This Pen? was released this week on an independant label in America and it by the sounds of their myspace page it’s something to try to hear in full.