Rihanna – International Pop Sensation

Who would have thought 2 years ago that Rihanna would be the gigantic pop star she’s become. Unless Kate Nash or Timbaland have the Saturday sales of a lifetime, “Umbrella” will be at #1 for a 10th week come Sunday. I am a chart geek so here are some reasons why i’m getting very excited by a ten week reign:

  • “Umbrella will become the longest running #1 of the century beating Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” 9 week reign.
  • “Love Is All Around” is the next record to beat, staying for 15 weeks before being deleted by the label.
  • It’s the only long running #1 of recent times to not be associated with a film. “(Everything I Do) I Do It For You” (16 wks, 1991), “I Will Always Love You” (10 wks, 1992), and “Love Is All Around” (15wks, 1994) were all the lead song from the soundtrack to some of the highest grossing films of their year.
  • After 7 weeks, she’s just been dislodged from US #1 but is at the top in Slovenia, Switzerland, Latvia, South Africa, Malysia, Singapore, and Curaceo.
  • And finally she’ll become one of only 7 artists since charts began to spend reach double week figures at the top.
  • Rihanna’s next single “Shut Up And Drive” is meant to be out in about 2 weeks but I guess it might get put back. In any case I’m not fussed about it, the highlight of the album for me now (and it took a little while to grow) is the Michael Jackson sampling “Don’t Stop The Music”. I just love the way the sample is weaved in.

    Thanks to different countries releasing different things there’s already a video for this song. It involves lots of handclapping, Rihanna psyching herself up in a mirror or hoping for an evil Willow doppleganger snog with herself, some expensive wallpaper and a whole lot of attitude.


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